Ready, Set, Go.

“Ready, Set…,” is one of many phrases we autism teachers call “fill-in-the-blank statements.” And in response to me with their best, language-building effort, the Littles will excitedly proclaim “Go!” I naturally use this phrase in the learning environment when we begin something new or face a new challenge. As I find myself putting together words for my very first blog post, I can hear my teacher voice saying, “Ready, SET…” 

Much like each school day, whether we are ready or not, here we go! Loving and working with kids on the Spectrum is a tear jerking, belly laughing, and heart exploding experience that most teachers, therapists, caregivers & parents would not trade for the world. I am #blessed enough to be one of those people, holding a title I carry with the greatest honor in my classroom and school, teacherthe autism teacher.

If it not for a very smart, funny, and supportive Instagram community found by way of @theautismteacher, I would likely not be brave enough to try this. As a neuro-typical human being beginning something new, I know I am bound to stumble through my initial efforts. This makes me think of the Littles, knowing they experience this very same feeling much more frequently than I as they are continually being pushed towards new challenges. & Sometimes all I can do is ensure them that I am there ready to love on ’em if and when they fall backwards.

If you’re inclined, join me on this wild ride as I share with you ideas for working with kids with exceptionalities. I am excited to share ways to: structure an environment and routines for kids on the Spectrum, cultivate a language-rich home/classroom, create meaningful opportunities that promote independence, & more! Of course they’ll be many funny anecdotes and creative work shared from the Littles that make my heart so full.

Side Note:

I call the children I teach or work with “Littles.” It’s a term of endearment as most of them are between the ages of 5 and 8 years old. I hope you always find me to use it with love, but I’m not perfect so please hold me accountable should I ever slip.


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